Clonazolam – made me flirt with a female officer

I am writing this as a warning to anyone that might think they can eyeball an appropriate dose of Clonazolam powder. It is EXTREMELY dangerous to consume raw powder of ANY drug, let alone one that is active at the microgram range. I’m lucky to have survived (not an exaggeration).

Prior to this incident, I had been using Alprazolam (aka Xanax) in raw powder form intermittently for many years without incident. However, I had been hired in a job that required regular and random drug testing, which compelled me to get a legitimate prescription or change benzos to one that wouldn’t appear on a drug test.

A fast online search indicated that Clonazolam (aka Clonitrazolam) may not show up on some tests. The plan was to have a tiny amount and medicine test myself to see if it was detectable or not.After studying that Clonazolam is roughly two to four times stronger than Xanax, I required (what I thought to be) a very small quantity of powder. I used a small sewing needle and scooped up a tiny amount of powder on the tip, roughly the size of a grain of sand.[Note: Two samples of powder (even of the exact same compound ) with equivalent volumes won’t necessarily weigh exactly the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an erroneous and potentially harmful way of measuring, especially for materials which are active in very small amounts.

Despite my tolerance to benzos, I passed out before I could even feel the effects. 1 moment I’m on my sofa with my girlfriend, then another thing I know, I’m in my bed and it’s tomorrow. I dropped about 18 hours of my life just like that. Poof. Gone. My girlfriend said I was acting totally normal before I randomly stated in a really serious tone”that I must sleep” and promptly fell asleep. This happened about 1-hour post-ingestion. Apparently, I got up and moved to the bedroom sooner or later.This should have scared me, but I believe that there were lingering consequences that caused me not to take it as seriously as I should have.

I had been intending on going to my friend’s house that night for his birthday party. For some reason, I decided to try taking Clonazolam once again but swore I would be more careful with the amount of powder. Using exactly the identical method, I required roughly half of the last day’s dose.Before I go on, please do NOT drive after taking this (or some other) benzo. Shortly after ingesting the powder I began driving to my friend’s house, which was 30 minutes away from the city.

This time, the impacts of the powder struck me like a ton of bricks (thankfully I did not simply pass out while driving). The very first thing I discovered was terribly blurry/double vision. However hard I tried to focus on an object, it was not feasible to receive my eyes to function together. I was only able to keep on the road (that was thankfully desolate) by shutting one eye.Recognizing how much danger I was placing myself and others in, I decided to create the rest of the journey on a gravel road at an extremely slow pace. I still managed to get stuck in the ditch. I called my friend and told him the circumstance, and he said he would be there in about an hour (I’d inadvertently overshot my destination). I tried my hardest to maintain my composure and keep it all together. I was able to talk coherently and without slurring, but when I walked, my equilibrium was clearly off. The officer (who had been a consummate professional, by the way) asked me when I had been drinking or anything, which I denied.

I explained my poor balance was due to a blend of extreme sleep deprivation and the fact that yesterday had been leg day at the fitness center (terrible half-ass excuses, I understand ). I remember feeling quite conversational and was joking around with the officer quite a bit. But above all else, I was extremely respectful and polite, and I think this is exactly what saved me at the end.I consented to a breathalyzer, realizing it’d show zeros. I jumped to the chance before he could change his mind, and said”In that case: No. I really don’t wish to waste your own time. Or mine for that matter.” (In hindsight, it actually could have been a waste of everyone’s time, since I didn’t have anything illegal on me). The officer then asked if I would consent to a field sobriety test.

I couldn’t believe my ears when he said” You don’t need to if you do not want to. I know that it’s cold outside.” I chased him for his thoughtfulness, and he said “Since your vehicle is technically blocking this street, I must wait until your friend comes.”After quite some time, he asks”Do you mind if I check your eyes? We can do this inside the vehicle.” Though I might have declined, I wanted to seem as cooperative as possible so I decided to test my luck, knowing that he would be searching for pinpoint pupils and/or nystagmus (which is when your eyes make jerking motions since they follow a moving object instead of the normal smooth gliding movement ). My friend showed up at the exact same moment a 2nd cop showed up. The initial cop goes on to talk to my buddy who is by the grace of God – told the officer the exact same story I told him I was sleep deprived due to insomnia and just started exercising again.

These things were both accurate, but I still couldn’t believe it when I heard what he said to the Devil, since we hadn’t had a chance to receive our stories straight. It was pure luck.While my friend was speaking to Cop 1, I sat in the car with Cop two, who happened to be a really attractive female in my age range. My significantly improved libido combined with decreased inhibitions induced me to perform one of the strangest things you can do to an officer: I began flirting with her. But, I got lucky – she wasn’t only receptive to it, and really reciprocated in flirting (e.g. playing with her hair, requesting to see my muscles). Looking back, I don’t have any doubt that this resulted from my assurance being through the roof.

Despite the gravity of the situation (I could have easily still obtained a DWI if this cop was not as kind as the primary cop), I was able to act aloof and pretend as if it was just bad luck that I got stuck in the snow.Sadly this didn’t end with us hooking up as you’d read in Hustler or something. My friend simply pulled me out of this ditch and the cops wished us a safe ride home.In the end, I learned that no matter how experienced you think you are, ingesting raw powder is a very bad idea. However, the medication effects were quite pleasant – particularly the higher confidence. The main drawback was extremely poor balance and dual vision. In case you have access to a reliable, known dosage (such as pills or liquid of a known concentration), then I would say that this is actually the very euphoric benzo I have ever tried.Oh and it did not show up on the drug evaluation.

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